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Say Goodbye To Your Competition In Buy!Bye!

Say Goodbye To Your Competition In Buy!Bye!

December 8, 2011
BUY!BYE! by pixel inc icon

BUY!BYE! ($0.99) by pixel inc pits you against another stockbroker as you tap the screen to buy up the majority of shares of a lucrative company.

Choose to be either the American or Japanese stockbroker. Neither one has any advantage over the other. The only difference is what scenery surrounds them. Tap the screen in order to buy up stocks, and the winner is the one who gets to 51 first.

BUY!BYE! by pixel inc screenshot

But playing the game isn't as simple as it looks. Ignoring the how-to section, I began the game thinking I would just need to tap as furiously as I could. After scoring the first share, I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting more. The how-to page started looking pretty good then.

The thing about this game is that you have to switch back and forth between tapping with one finger, and tapping with two. The “index” in the middle of the screen will let you know whether to use one or two fingers. It becomes similar to a game of hopscotch.

Buy!Bye! certainly looks like it could pass for being a classic Nintendo game. It's one thing to emulate 8-bit graphics, but getting the music right really complements it, and this app has done so nicely.

A warning shown on the App Store page says that this game is for two players only. There is no AI to play against, or even Game Center or OpenFeint support. You actually need another person sitting next to you if you want a competition.

The need to have two players limits this app's potential, which makes me wonder why the developer chose to take this approach.

However, you’ll still have fun if you like 8-bit graphic games, and always wanted to play a cartoony version of the stock market (other than the game of Life).

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