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Follow Your Friends And Family With Insyde Story

Follow Your Friends And Family With Insyde Story

December 1, 2011
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Insyde Story (Free) by Insyde Story Inc. is a brand new social networking app that combines elements from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Spotify, and many more.

The main function behind the entire app is to share pictures, audio, and stories with other people. Users can also search for all of those, as well as by location.

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The app prompts you with a login screen where users can sign in with a previously created account, create an account from scratch, or sign in with Facebook. Signing in with Facebook seems to be the conventional way of identifying users these days.

Insyde Story features a map view that displays little markers around the world where stories are being posted. This means users can view previous stories, pictures, info, or even listen to an audio track.

If you’re sharing a photo from an iPhone it also utilizes the geo-tag capability and plots the user's location on a map. Since the app is brand new, there aren’t many stories yet, though I am sure this will quickly change.

The app also includes a “Follow” feature that allows users to follow others and keep up with their stories. This is perfect for following all of your friends and family as well as stalking their lives even more than on Facebook.

But seriously, Insyde Story does seem like a lot of fun and has a very appealing user interface. With the massive number of people and spam cluttering Facebook, this might be a nice alternative method to keep in touch with your family and friends.

There aren’t too many apps that allow users to record audio and share tracks saved to their iPod library. It’s nice to see a social networking developer integrate that feature into their app. Some of the more popular, well-known songs will even have links for buying them right in the app.

Overall, everyone should take a minute to download this free app and give it a shot. It’s jam packed with great features and has a very smooth interface.

After a few hours of usage, I don’t see any downsides to this free app, especially because the entire service is available at no cost. Who knows, this could be the next Facebook.

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