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Meet The Mother Of All Pearls In The World Of Link It

Meet The Mother Of All Pearls In The World Of Link It

December 8, 2011
Link It by Boolba Labs, LLC icon

Link It ($0.99) by Boolba Labs, LLC is the latest brain twisting puzzle game filled with more than 200 levels.

The objective is to line up a set of pearls so that they link through each other and return to the starting pearl. Each pearl can be rotated; an arrow indicates the link direction.

As the levels progress, players soon encounter obstacles to overcome, such as pearls that can’t be rotated or mirrors to reflect the link. These unique obstacles will prove fairly challenging for most.

Link It by Boolba Labs, LLC screenshot

Some of the first obstacles players will experience are locked pearls; these are pearls that have a fixed position and can’t be rotated. In this circumstance, players will have to manipulate surrounding pearls to the proper position.

Link It also features the use of mirrors, which introduce a reflection aspect to the puzzle. However, when adjusting pearls, the indicated link direction does not display where the reflected link should appear, only where on the mirror it will intersect. I found this rather annoying; it made mirrors more of a guessing game than a puzzle. Further obstacles include stone pearls, pearls requiring two links, and much more.

The game works smoothly and I didn’t encounter any lag or difficulties while playing. Though I must say, the sound effects used when linking pearls is somewhat repetitive and becomes irritating rather quickly. Ironically the soundtrack alone isn’t bad at all, and seems quite polished, the developer might want to consider new sound effects in an update.

Overall, Link It is an excellent game capable of challenging the most avid puzzle solvers. It’s now available in the App Store for $0.99, be sure to check it out.

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