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Defeat Your Opponents While Wearing Bunny Ears In Mamba Nation Battle

Defeat Your Opponents While Wearing Bunny Ears In Mamba Nation Battle

December 7, 2011
Mamba Nation Battle by Bulkypix icon

Mamba Nation Battle (Free) by Bulkypix is a free combat fighting game that is surprisingly popular in the App Store.

Most freemium games don’t fare well unless they’re Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower, or DragonVale. This simple game isn’t groundbreaking, but it is fun to pick up for a strategic battle every now and then.

After opening the app, you will be able to create your own avatar. You can choose a male or female avatar, and add different makeup and effects, hairstyles, clothing, and weapons.

Mamba Nation Battle by Bulkypix screenshot

Makeup includes black eyes, cuts, gothic black eye shadow and lipstick, and war stripes. Clothing for female avatars is ridiculously skimpy, ranging from bunny ears and bathing suits to barely there santa suits and latex outfits. Not quite what I would choose for a brawl. There are jeans and T-shirts to choose from as well, and the male outfits do include some equally absurd choices.

When your avatar is created, you’re given a list of names of other players who have avatars with the same skill level. Tapping one allows you to initiate a fight, where you will choose maneuvers to execute in battle. You have a certain number of action slots to fill, with choices like protection, light attack, and normal attack. Tapping these attacks fills the action slots, and these are what your character will do during a fight.

Other players also select a sequence of moves, and the way that the moves play out determines how the fight ends. For example, blocking twice right away maybe keep you from being hit by the enemy, but if they also set their action slots with block, your actions won’t be effective. As you level up, you will unlock new abilities and more action slots.

Mamba Nation Battle by Bulkypix screenshot

After your actions are selected, the fight can begin. Fights are shown Street Fighter style with a background and special moves. You cannot do anything in this mode but watch, which is a bit boring. Winning earns you treasure points, and filling up your treasure chest gives you the opportunity to get “MVibes,” which are used to purchase more fights.

On a daily basis, you only get a set number of fights. Every two hours you can earn more, and you can also buy more with MVibes. If waiting around isn’t for you, MVibes can be purchased through the App Store. 30,000 run about $0.99, and are good for 50 fights.

The overall goal of the game is to win as many fights as possible to increase your rank, but essentially, the game is just fight after fight.

If combat is your thing, and you want to challenge your friends to see who can execute the best fighting strategy, Mamba Nation Battle is worth a download.

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