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Pad & Quill Is A Beautiful And Sleek Note-Taking App You Won't Want To Miss

Pad & Quill Is A Beautiful And Sleek Note-Taking App You Won't Want To Miss

December 19, 2011
Pad & Quill by Fabulously Retro icon

Pad & Quill ($0.99) by Fabulously Retro is a new app that provides a wonderful note-taking experience. Similar to the Molenotes app we reviewed in July, now called Meernotes, Fabulously Retro has done it again. Meernotes has been reimagined and refined in Pad & Quill form, inspired by theses cases, and it's amazing.

Pad & Quill by Fabulously Retro screenshot

You launch the app and immediately your bookshelf is pulled down, as if it were a window shade. It's empty, so you better start creating some notebooks. Although, Meernotes had many options for beautiful notebooks, Pad & Quill has even more.

Tap the plus sign to view all of your notebook options. Choose your favorite one, give it a title by tapping "Your Title," hit done, and "add this book." There. Now, you have your first notebook on your shelf. But don't stop there! Add multiple notebooks for different occasions; the bookshelf looks even better the more books are stacked on it.

Once you have created some spiffy notebooks, you can swipe up and down on the titles to choose the one you wish to begin writing in. Open up a notebook, and the real page-like animation will make you swoon. Type away in your personal note space. You can even bookmark pages and swipe right to view the "Contents" of each notebook as if it were an actual book.

The Open Case tab on the main screen allows you to view your notebooks in a case view. This lets you see your gorgeous notebooks showcased in more of a full screen mode where you can edit the design and title however you want, whenever you want — you're never stuck with a notebook design once you start writing in it, you can change it whenever you'd like.

Pad & Quill is universal and you can keep all of your notebooks synced between your iDevices via iCloud which is very handy.

My only problem is with the icon: I don't like it. I desperately want to keep this app on my homescreen, but it isn't pretty enough. However, I did mention this to the developer and I sense a new icon will be coming in the next update.

Pad & Quill by Fabulously Retro screenshot

Pad & Quill is available in the App Store for only $0.99. If you're looking for a new way to take notes, or even keep a journal and all of your to-dos in one place — this app can do it all. You really can't beat the price either!

I cannot get enough of the interface: It's easy to use and absolutely stunning. This app provides a wonderful writing experience on iOS.

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