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Create Melodies Using A Physics Generator With Physynth

Create Melodies Using A Physics Generator With Physynth

December 18, 2011
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Physynth ($0.99) by Simian Squared Ltd is a multi-track soundscaping performance and songwriting tool. It is designed to trigger sounds that are held within physical objects by colliding them within a physics simulator.

Users can create their own physical objects by drawing them in design mode. The designs can be further tweaked and tuned to your desires. Physnyth enables musicians to toy with new concepts, melodies, rhythms, and unexpected aural pleasures using the power of physics and experimental design in an organic, fluid manner.

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Physynth features beautiful 3D music hardware with custom shaders tailored especially for the iPad. It strives to be a vintage piece of hardware in the palm of your hand.

When soundscaping in the app, users can choose from four different tracks at once. Each track has its own unique settings and can be setup differently than the next. Each track can also be opened separately in the design mode, which then allows users to change the instrument and tweak the track even more.

While using the app, users will notice that there is a 3D tilt camera built into the entire app. This utilizes the gyroscope and shifts the screen in unison with how the iPad is being held. This is a complex thing to have constantly running in the background of an app that generates music and is a physics simulator.

There is also a wide selection of instruments to choose from, as well as real time melody and rhythms that can be dubbed over. Physynth also includes real time mixing with pan and volume control. There is also real time reverb and chorus digital special effects.

Overall Physynth is a blast; anyone who appreciates music and enjoys creating it will value the effort the designer's put into this app.

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