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Solve The Toughest Puzzles Of All Time In Power of Logic — And Win A Copy!

Solve The Toughest Puzzles Of All Time In Power of Logic And Win A Copy!

December 1, 2011
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Power of Logic ($0.99) by Flow Studio brings the classic game of logic to iOS. The game of logic has been a popular puzzle game that has been around for a while. Most of you may know it from its board game variant, Mastermind, which is the most widely known.

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The goal is to break the code and solve the puzzle. There is a predetermined pattern of colored pegs, and you must figure out what the exact pattern is slowly but surely — and most of all, logically. You're given eight different colored pegs to choose from. Choose wisely, and be quick. Can you make the logical decision and decipher the code?

In Power of Logic, there are two modes of gameplay: single or career. Single play allows you to play at your own pace to just pass the time, whereas, in career play your goal is to light up the entire city again by beating the game, one level at a time.

Drag the pegs onto the board in whichever order you choose. It's easiest to start with as few colors as possible. I like to use two colors to begin with and go from there. It's easier to deduce what the code is if you start slow.

Once you make your guesses in the first row, swipe your finger across the row of pegs. The numbers on the right will tell you what you got right, if anything. The number with the green light under it tells you how many pegs of the right color are in the right spot — this is the number of pegs you have perfectly correct. The other number, with the orange light under it, tells you how many are the right color, but in the wrong spot.

You must logically deduce from these subtle hints and clues what the order of the pegs is. And remember, you can use the same color as many times as you want. For all you know, the whole thing could be yellow pegs. One color could be the key to solving the puzzle. You never know.

Your score is dependent upon how many rows it takes you to guess the code and how long it takes you to do so. Be both quick and precise. It's not an easy game to play. Your score boils down to the number of rows multiplied by how long it took you to solve the puzzle.

This game is a real treat for puzzle lovers or anyone looking to pass some time in a fun and engaging way. Even the music and sounds add to the overall feel of the game. Whether it be lightning zapping the pegs on the board, or the mechanical sounds imitating the inner workings of the game itself, it really puts you in the zone and prepares you for the puzzle of a lifetime.

Power of Logic by Flow Studio screenshot

Power of Logic is available in the App Store for $0.99 for the iPhone version and $1.99 for the HD version for iPad. Try it out for free with the lite version, or try your hand at winning the iPad version below as we have one copy to give away.

Giveaway: We have one copy of Power of Logic HD for the iPad to give to one lucky reader. For a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address) by Sunday, Dec. 4 at 5 p.m. PST. We’ll pick the winner randomly. Good luck!

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