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Help Boxy Robot ZF-06 In Robot Escape

Help Boxy Robot ZF-06 In Robot Escape

December 15, 2011
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Robot Escape (Free) by Yotta Apps has you raging as a machine against the other machines.

You play as Robot ZF-06, a cute little boxy robot, who is only trying to get by in this crazy world of robot-kill-robot. The only way to complete each of the 64 levels is to collect all of the energy capsules. The exit door will open once this is done.

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ZF-06 is a lover, not a fighter, so he looks for alternatives to fighting. However, the enemy robots, the Lazer XT-6, the Canon Gun YT-10, and the Robot TNT-NP, have no qualms about attacking.

As you might guess, ZF has no weapons, so it will take puzzle-solving ingenuity in order to slip past the enemies. The standard staples are moveable boxes that can get between you and the enemy fire. Lazer XT-6 will only shoot once you pass one of the sides. Without a box in the way, it's an automatic game over.

The Canon Gun will shoot once you cross its path, though it only fires a pulse that you can actually avoid, given enough time. There's no stopping the Robot TNT-NP, though. They will activate once all of the energy capsules are nabbed, and they won't stop coming for you until you leave the room.

Moving ZF-06 is done by tapping one of the four directional arrows. The board is on an angle, though you can select the camera icon to rotate the board to a different point of view. Just beware that your directional arrows change along with the board movement, so your left arrow in one position can become your up arrow the next.

Overall, this a fun game that builds in difficulty as you advance through the levels. Moving the boxes around the puzzle-like levels reminded me of hours lost playing the Legend of Zelda series.

The game is free, though it comes at the cost of having ads displayed at the bottom of the screen. While they aren't completely obnoxious, it would be nice to have a paid version to get rid of them.

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