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Show Those Dust Bunnies Who's Boss In The iRobot Roomba Revenge Game

Show Those Dust Bunnies Who's Boss In The iRobot Roomba Revenge Game

December 11, 2011
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Roomba Revenge ($0.99) by iRobot Corporation is an action game for the iPhone in which you vacuum — that's right, vacuum. The goal is to navigate your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner around the mazes of furniture, avoid dust bunnies, and watch for cats eagerly awaiting to ride on you. Do all of this while successfully cleaning all of the dirt and dust off the floor within the time limit.

Roomba Revenge by iRobot Corporation screenshot

You can control the Roomba one of two ways: using a joystick or touch-to-move controls. I initially tried the touch controls, but found it to be difficult to control the vacuum this way, so I switched to the joystick. Although the joystick was a bit easier to control, it was still a nightmare. They really need to calibrate the controls better because they make this game unenjoyable as it's too difficult to move around precisely.

Dust bunnies will be hopping around throughout the 20 levels. Be careful because if they get near you, they will jump on you, causing you to spit the dust you've already collected back out onto the floor. At that rate, you'll never clean it all up and pass the level.

Once you collect enough dust, though, your revenge meter will fill up. Once this happens, you can tap it to go into a frenzied revenge mode and quickly collect all of the dust on the floor without the giant dust bunnies bothering you — they'll actually go hide while this is happening. If you notice your revenge meter running out once activated, quickly slide over to a revenge power up to keep it going.

Roomba Revenge by iRobot Corporation screenshot

Roomba Revenge is available in the App Store for $0.99. I wouldn't suggest dropping a dime on this game. It isn't very fun and the wonky controls make it unplayable in my book. But if you don't want to take my word for it, try the lite version for free before purchasing the paid version.

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