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ShiftSmart Helps Workers Manage Their Schedules, Plus A Chance To Win

ShiftSmart Helps Workers Manage Their Schedules, Plus A Chance To Win

December 13, 2011
ShiftSmart by CBS AUS PTY LTD icon

ShiftSmart ($0.99) by CBS AUS PTY LTD is a convenient iPhone app for hourly workers. It helps users manage their schedules and organize work information.

The homepage is set up like an iOS device; there are nine separate subsections, with each appearing like an app. Users should first visit the settings app where they can enter their pay rate, shifts, and work patterns. Unlike many other apps, ShiftSmart allows users to completely customize the work pattern. They can add up to three shifts (day, afternoon, and night) and add those shifts to each day.

ShiftSmart by CBS AUS PTY LTD screenshot

Users can view their created schedules from the calendar section. The calendar is very easy to read. Days with day shifts are shown in yellow, ones with afternoon shifts are shown in orange and those with night shifts are shown in blue.

Another convenient feature with ShiftSmart is the ability to enter shift swaps. This makes the app very flexible for scheduling changes. The app’s timer goes off at the set time prior to a shift, including shift swaps. So workers will always be on time (or at least know they have an upcoming shift).

Other features in the ShiftSmart include adding overtime, contacts, holidays, training days, and an incident log. The holidays also show up in the calendar. Although ShiftSmart has all these features, there is still room for improvement. In future updates, there should be a pay calculator. It seemed odd to me that the app asked for pay rates but doesn’t add them up for you.

Overall, users who are looking for a better way to track work shifts, time off, overtime hours and more, should consider ShiftSmart. It is a very convenient and useful app and may be very helpful to hourly workers.

If you’re interested in winning a copy of ShiftSmart, you’re in luck! App Advice has teamed up with CBS AUS PTY LTD to offer promo codes for two lucky winners. To enter the drawing, just comment below by Dec. 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good Luck!

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