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Line Rider Gets A Car In Wroom!

Line Rider Gets A Car In Wroom!

December 7, 2011
Wroom by Tiny Cactus icon

Wroom ($2.99) by Tiny Cactus is a vibrant game with a lot of bounce.

Wroom combines colorful, silky smooth visuals with acrobatic, freeform gameplay. Players will find themselves flying through loops, bouncing off walls, driving through water, and clinging to ledges on their way to the goal.

Wroom by Tiny Cactus screenshot

Each level is timed, and players are awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals depending on how quickly they finish. There are a set number of stars that can be collected along the way.

Players must get through the levels using the six unique controls that the game offers. The controls allow for players to move forward and backwards, brake, rotate the car left and right, and jump. Typically, you don’t see controls to jump or rotate in a car game, that should be a clear sign that this game is anything but typical.

For those who are familiar with Line Rider this game follows a very similar style. The levels are made up of artwork that looks hand drawn, not computer generated. This makes for very unique gameplay. Wroom takes the idea to the next level by adding the aforementioned controls to the mix.

Players will find themselves using momentum to drive their car through loops while timing jumps precisely to clear gaps. At first players might even find themselves flipping the car so that it’s right side up. Once accustomed to the game mechanics, players will see that the rotation feature will help with momentum, that is, if used correctly.

Wroom also features leaderboards, Facebook integration, and even allows players to view a live ghost of previous records while replaying levels.

There are so many unique levels to choose from that any player is guaranteed hours of addictive gameplay. If you aren’t sure about this one, be sure to check out the lite version first. If you’re a fan, then definitely check out the full version in the App Store.

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