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Quirky App Of The Day: Grievance!

Quirky App Of The Day: Grievance!

December 6, 2011
Happy Festivus season to everyone. While it's not actually Festivus yet, this Grievance! app demands an early introduction in order to help users prepare for the awesome season. Festivus is celebrated (if that's what you really do on Festivus) on December 23. It doesn't matter what race, creed or ethnicity you are, Festivus is all inclusive. Leave it to "Seinfeld" to bring all people, nations and religions together.

How does one go about celebrating Festivus? Well, there's no expensive tree for us. No, we get an aluminum pole of good strength-to-weight ratio. None of that frou frou tinsel for Festivus. Next, there's Festivus dinner which is either meatloaf or spaghetti. Dinner begins with the airing of grievances. Lets face it, who isn't disappointed with their family in some way or another? That is where this awesome app comes into play. During this Festivus Season, keep track of all the things that people do to royally tick you off with your Grievance! app. Then, on December 23, all previous grievances are available for you to view and air to your loved ones in true Festivus fashion. Because you've got a lot of problems with those people and they're going to hear about it. You can list the person, the offense and the intensity of said transgression. Here's my list as an example:
  1. My boss, Alexander, has a French accent, and I don't. I sound like a hick-Wisconsin hybrid.
  2. Jamie, my friend and coconspirator here at AppAdvice, did not visit me in October like she said she might. I missed her.
  3. Jay, my editor, dislikes the phrase "out there." I find myself jilted by this due to an unnatural affinity that I have for it.
  4. Certain trolls don't understand that my posts are suppose to be about lame or unusual apps, and I want them to climb back under their rock.
  5. Everyone who uses the pseudo-word "irregardless" can go beat themselves with my Festivus pole.
  Happy Festivus to one and all! If you're looking for a source of Festivus information, there's a perfectly good one right here. So, what are your grievances? Also, does anyone know of a great app for preparing for feats of strength? Grievance is an iPhone app available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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