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Race Slot Cars Like You Did As A Kid With Slot Racing HD

Race Slot Cars Like You Did As A Kid With Slot Racing HD

December 27, 2011
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Slot Racing HD ($2.99) by Quantix Games is a walk down memory lane for anyone who played with electric powered slot cars as a kid. From the uncanny sound of the toy car’s wheels to jumping off the track when going too fast, this iPad-only racing game is fun for everyone.

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The game can be played with one or two players. Two player game mode is head-to-head action where each player holds one side of the iPad. If there is only one player, a computer generated competitor stands in for the race. Choose the toy car that will be racing and head over to the track selection.

There are seven different cars and seven different tracks to choose from. Drive through the desert, in the snow or across an airfield. Each track offers different turns and twists to keep the excitement going.

The cars are controlled with a single button that will either make the car go or stop. There is no slowing down. As fun as it is to play this game the controlling mechanisms make it too difficult. The car will fly off the track at the slightest turn and when placed back on track, will jump off again the very second it starts. This will happen over and over until it becomes so frustrating that you’ll want to stop playing. To make matters worse, the computer generated competitor doesn’t seem to have nearly as hard of a time staying on track as you do.

Overall, this iPad-only game is entertaining and brings back memories of racing slot cars against siblings on Christmas morning, and every Saturday morning thereafter. However, the hypersensitivity of the controls make the gameplay almost unbearable. It is only $2.99, so if you have a lot of patience for practicing the track, it will be a blast. Just don’t expect to ever win against the computer.

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