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Save Yourself The Hassle Of Being Late To Work On A Snowy Morning With Winter Wake Up

Save Yourself The Hassle Of Being Late To Work On A Snowy Morning With Winter Wake Up

December 31, 2011
Do you ever worry about getting up early enough to make it to work on time when there was bad weather overnight? Many people that live in cold climates have been caught off guard by waking up to a slick and sloppy mess, which can cause them to be late for work. Winter Wake-up by Boondoggle may help us rest a little easier during these winter months. The app is very simple in its function. Winter Wake-up will wake you up early if there is snow or icy weather overnight. This will give you enough time to brush off your car, shovel the driveway and hit the snowy roads in time to make it to work.

Winter Wake-up works like an ordinary alarm clock; the early wake up feature is available only if you need it. You can choose how early you want it to wake you up, depending on the conditions. There is even a setting that will just let you sleep in if the snow is so bad that there is no way you could go anywhere.

So far, users have been complaining of some error messages within the app when trying to set the alarms. There aren't many alarm sounds to choose from, and you cannot access your iTunes library through the app. Also, the display does not currently work as a bedside clock.

Hopefully, a few tweaks will bring this app up to par, because the concept is very useful for those of us in snowy climates. Winter Wake-up is a free app, so it may be worth the download to see how it works for you.


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