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Say What? — Microsoft Releases Kinectimals On iOS

Say What? Microsoft Releases Kinectimals On iOS

December 13, 2011
Kinectimals just arrived in the App Store. That’s right, Microsoft just released an iOS game, competing with its own mobile platform that already has the game. You can adopt and name your very own cub and take it on an adventure throughout the island of Lemuria. Love it, care for it, nurture it — all on your iDevice. We should note that the mobile game allows you to unlock five new cubs on your Xbox 360 (if you have the game on your console already). Kinectimals for iOS seems to be very similar to the Xbox version and we look forward to picking it apart checking it out so that we can tell you what we think of it. Kinectimals is available in the App Store, as a universal app, for $2.99. [gallery]

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