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Send Last Minute Holiday Greetings With Paper Snow 2

Send Last Minute Holiday Greetings With Paper Snow 2

December 22, 2011
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Paper Snow 2 (Free) by DemSt is a universal holiday themed greeting card maker that lets you cut out your own snowflakes and send them to friends and family. If you never got around to sending out Christmas cards, or you want to cut down on paper waste this year, this free app will help you send out holiday wishes with a few simple steps.

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Christmas cards are still part of the holiday tradition for many people. However, time and money may have caused some to skip the mass mailing of holiday well wishing this year. Paper Snow 2 can fix that for free, and greetings can be sent from the comfort of one’s couch.

Start by creating custom snowflakes. In the “Create a New Snowflake” section, creative, and not so creative, types can virtually cut shapes into two different folded pieces of paper, either six or eight folds. Use the utility knife to cut a variety of shapes. Tap a spot on the paper, then tap another spot and a line will appear, tap a third spot to create a triangular shape. The fun doesn’t stop there. Shapes can be created using as many linking lines as you would like, trapezoids, hexagons, or anything you can think of. Once you have the shape you want, tap the “cut” button and the cutout will appear. There are also a variety of pre-made shapes, like hearts and diamonds, that can be placed anywhere on the paper to cut out shapes.

Once the paper masterpieces are created, they can be saved to the snowflake drawer to be used in a custom greeting card. In the greeting card section, add snowflakes, Christmas themed shapes, like trees and presents, and a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year greeting. Adjust the size and angle of each item with the pinch-to-zoom feature. Pick a complimentary background and the card is ready to go.

Users can either save the greeting card to the device’s camera roll, or send it to Twitter and Facebook with one easy tap. For a more personal touch, send it directly to friends and family through email.

The app comes with a limited number of Christmas themed items but for less than the cost of a 20-pack of physical cards, users can buy all of the extras, or for a smaller price, individual sets of additional shapes, greetings and snowflakes can be downloaded. The free app includes ad banners, but with any purchase, including a single set for only $0.99, the ads are removed.

Overall, this free, universal app is perfect for procrastinators and environmentalists alike. Send out last minute holiday greetings without worrying about how many trees were cut down. Pick this app up today and send out holiday wishes right away.

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