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Stream And Filter Twitter Right On Your iPhone Or iPad With StreamBoard

Stream And Filter Twitter Right On Your iPhone Or iPad With StreamBoard

December 13, 2011
Disclaimer: I am the developer of StreamBoard. Twitter is a incredible source of real time data, news, information and even fun. Whether you care about iPhones, #winning, $AAPL, or any other subject, there are probably hundreds of people tweeting about it at any given time. For example, it's my job to track "iPhone apps," and it's safe to assume that if someone develops something cool somewhere around the world, Twitter will be one of the first places to hear about it. Unfortunately, I had't been able to find an app that would allow me to track that effectively, so I wrote my own. StreamBoard, allows you to enter any keyword or hashtag and will track Twitter for any new tweet that contains it. The second anyone in the world tweets something including your keyword, StreamBoard picks it up, and instantly displays it in a table. It's simple, but very useful if you like to track stuff on Twitter. Unlike the Twitter search tool, it doesn't have any rate limitations, and the tweets show up immediately, there is no need to refresh. What about keywords like "iPhone" that generate thousands of tweets per minute? StreamBoard takes things further and lets you filter tweets in real time according to additional criteria that you can set. The parameters include: how many followers the person sending the tweet has, whether the tweet is in English, contains links, or was posted within a certain geographical radius. For example, I could ask StreamBoard to tell me about any tweet that contains the word iPhone and was posted within 20 miles from a user with more than 500 followers. That's it. As far as the app goes, it's really useful if you're into Twitter, especially if you rely on it for work (even Robert Scoble loves it). On the other hand, the UI is not currently great, but I'll be working on that very soon. StreamBoard is a universal app (for iPhone and iPad) and is available in the App Store now for $1.99.

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