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The 60beat GamePad Is A Physical Controller For Your iOS Devices

The 60beat GamePad Is A Physical Controller For Your iOS Devices

December 30, 2011
I don’t know about you, but despite the great controls on my iDevice, once in a while I find myself needing something more — especially when playing role-playing games (RPG) or first person shooters (FPS). Sometimes it’s too difficult to "own noobs" and headshot zombies using just the touch screen interface; sometimes you need physical controls to better play these games. Well, this familar-looking gaming controller may be just the thing we need. The 60beat GamePad plugs into your iDevice headphone jack and completely takes over the controls. The goal is to give you a true console experience by offering a physical controller for iOS games. Unfortunately, this iOS gaming controller costs $50 and is only fully compatible with a couple of game titles. However, they are planning on making it work on many others soon. Fifty dollars for an iOS gaming experience, on a small screen, isn’t worth it to me unless I can play a lot of games using it. I think I’ll wait until this happens before I drop the cash. If they make it compatible with multiple, popular titles, this controller will be a big seller. I just hope they have better customer service than Ocean Marketing had for the Avenger controller.

If you can’t view the embedded demo video above, please click here. What do you think of the 60beat GamePad? Will you purchase one?

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