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The AppAdvice Top 10: Best Paid iPhone Apps Of 2011

The AppAdvice Top 10: Best Paid iPhone Apps Of 2011

December 31, 2011
We at AppAdvice are constantly trudging through the App Store to bring you the best app news, reviews, giveaways, and, well, advice. Even though we do spotlight certain apps throughout the year, we realize there are still a lot for you to digest. So, to bring you, our readers, an even more curated list of apps, we decided to give you our top 10 apps of 2011. This particular list shares our favorite apps of the year (yes, they had to have been released this year) for the iPhone. So, before you ring in the new year, check out the best apps of 2011.

The Best Paid iPhone Apps Of 2011

Scribblenauts Remix This puzzle game lets the creative genius in you do its “thang”: Just think it, type it, and watch as it magically appears on screen. Adding adjectives to names of objects is probably the best part (hint: try “magnetic” or “carnivorous”). Scribblenauts is truly a one of a kind game; you’ll want to snag this whether you’re seven or 70, it’s fun for all ages. Now, you can even use your voice to create objects too (iPhone 4S only).

Infinity Blade II Now that you’ve defeated the God King in the first installment of the series, it’s time to really figure out the secrets of the Infinity Blade. Battle your way through spectacular environments, wielding new weapons (dual-wielding is introduced), collecting gems to socket your armor, and ultimately become a champion. The graphics will have you floored. And did we mention they’re adding multiplayer support via Game Center?

The Dark Meadow We talked about Infinity Blade II, and this game has the same type of gesture-based gameplay, but in The Dark Meadow, you get to explore a little bit more. Dark Meadow takes place in an abandoned, and apparently haunted, hospital. Any fan of games like Portal, Silent Hill, or Half Life will fall in love with this game immediately. So, step into the world of The Dark Meadow — if you dare. Do you think you can escape?

Tweetbot - A Twitter Client With Personality If you’re unsatisfied with the new Twitter for iPhone app — and who isn’t? — look no further. Tweetbot is the best Twitter client available at the moment. Not only is the UI near-perfect — with its interactive interface, beautiful design, and integrated sounds — but it goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. The app utilizes gestures to let you explore your timeline and allows you to manage Twitter lists like no other client does.

Tiny Wings This is such a simple game, but it really keeps you entertained. All you need to do is touch the screen (and then release) to help this tiny bird fly as far as he can before the sun goes down. This is one of the best games to just pick up and play. You won’t be disappointed with the Tiny Wings gameplay, not to mention, its gorgeous graphics.

Instacast If you listen to podcasts at all, you’ll notice that iTunes and the iPod app are atrocious for managing them. Instacast is one of the best podcast managers for the iPhone. The interface is easy to use, customizable, and makes it a pleasure to deal with podcasts instead of a chore.

Jetpack Joyride Another game we can’t put down is Jetpack Joyride. Meet your fearless jetpack-sporting hero: Barry Steakfries. Help Barry navigate around obstacles, collect coins, and earn hundreds of achievements, all while flying through the air, unchecked. This game will keep you up and playing until 4 a.m. — trust us.

Pad & Quill Do you remember Moleskine notebooks? Well, Pad & Quill has digitized your Moleskine library and done so in the most beautiful of ways. If you’re looking for a new note-taking app, you’ll want to grab this one. The design is intuitive and sleek: from the fluid swiping motions used to manage your notebooks, to the way the pages turn. You can add and edit notebooks to you heart’s content!

W.E.L.D.E.R. We can’t leave you without a new word game from 2011! W.E.L.D.E.R. is the word game that came out this year, and if you enjoy word games at all, you’ll want to have this in your iPhone gaming arsenal. Manage the tiles on the board by creating words — kind of like a word search — and try to score as many points as possible. The design is sleek and the sounds that go along with the game really pull it all together. This game provides endless fun for any age.

Day One What better way to start the new year off right than to keep up with a personal journal? You won’t find a more beautiful, and easy to use, journaling interface on the iPhone than Day One. Even if you just write in it once a week, this app is the best way to track your personal thoughts on the go. Plus, you can even sync it with the Mac version and iPad version — and I hear iCloud sync is on its way!

Appy New Year!

– The AppAdvice Team

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