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The Stars Align In This Adorable Match-Three Game, Free For Today Only

The Stars Align In This Adorable Match-Three Game, Free For Today Only

December 3, 2011
PINGO STAR by Playtum icon

PINGO STAR ($0.99) by Playtum is a match-three style puzzle game with a twist. Instead of flipping tiles or exchanging blocks, players must match a feeder star from outside the grid. Grab this adorable game in the App Store while it is free.

PINGO STAR by Playtum screenshot

When the game starts, the screen is filled with a grid of variously colored stars. Matching at least three colors will make those disappear and new ones will drop from above. Colors are not matched by exchanging stars with ones right next to them, but with a single star that sits at the bottom of the screen. Think of this as the feeder star. The feeder star can be exchanged with any star on the board, but if its placement does not create a match of three or more, it becomes locked and can’t be moved. The only way to remove a locked star is through a match of three. It will disappear when the others do.

There are four different modes: story, classic, endless and challenge. Each mode offers a slightly different take on the same game. For example, Challenge mode requires the player to get the highest score possible within a two minute time period, while classic mode offers 100 levels of exciting game play.

Overall, playing this adorable puzzle game is a great way to pass the time. It is easy to learn and casual to play, but offers a unique twist on the traditional match-three style of game. Regularly priced at $0.99, it is a great buy. Pick it up in the App Store today while it is on sale for free.

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