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TrendOY! Is A News App With Some Interesting Features

December 14, 2011
More news about news apps this month? You guessed it! TrendOY! is a news app for the iPhone that was recently updated. TrendOY! was created for those of us who don’t have time to read entire articles. Whether you just have a few minutes during your commute, or want to catch up on the latest headlines while taking a coffee break, this news app will feed you bite-sized news in small doses. You can add keyword alerts, so that you are sent push notifications for certain articles or news pieces that are relevant to you. The article headlines will even be color-coded by sentiment. For example: green is a positive article, red is negative, and yellow is neutral. This feature is for when, at the moment, you just don’t want to hear about what awful event has happened. On top of having social sharing capabilities you can even earn badges or awards in the app for using it on a regular basis. TrendOY! is available in the App Store (iPhone only) for free. [gallery]

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