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Valor HD, A Real Time Strategy Game Of Unite And Conquer

Valor HD, A Real Time Strategy Game Of Unite And Conquer

December 18, 2011
Valor™ HD by PlayMesh, DBA icon

Valor™ HD (Free) by PlayMesh, DBA is a massive multiplayer online, real time strategy game, for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It is chock full of detail oriented town building and world dominating guilds. If you have time off this holiday season, Valor HD is a great way to spend your free time.

Valor™ HD by PlayMesh, DBA screenshot

Players enter a world to build a city, unite with other players and conquer neighboring villages. The first step in the process is to build a solid, self-sustaining town. The world’s goddess offers quests to help players build the strongest and most secure cities. As buildings are built and upgraded, resources increase and troops can be recruited.

Quests must be accomplished in order for the city to be built and defended. For example, in order to build a forge, the barracks must be built and upgraded to level three and city hall must be upgraded to level five. In order to begin recruiting troops, the barracks must be at level four and a rally point must be built. Each building takes real time and in-game resources to construct, so players must either be patient or be willing to spend a lot of real cash to hasten their building time.

Gold can be used to speed up building time, add resources, extend the amount of buildings that can be constructed at one time and other helpful items. Each player begins the game with 100 gold pieces. Gold cannot be earned. It can only be bought with real cash through in-app purchases. Gold is not necessary to play the game, but it helps. The smallest amount of gold that can be bought is 100 pieces and it costs a whopping $4.99.

Players can, and should, join guilds for battle support. Guilds will help defend cities. Without the backup of a strong guild, there is a good chance that the city you have spent so much time building will be taken over. Joining a guild is very easy. I was invited to one within my first day of gameplay.

Overall, this universal real time strategy game combines city building, world conquering and social gaming. The app is free, but be warned, a person could spend a pretty penny on in-app purchases trying to build the ultimate city. Pick it up today in the App Store

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