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Kairsoft Finally Releases Venture Towns For iOS

Kairsoft Finally Releases Venture Towns For iOS

December 15, 2011
Kairosoft has done it again: they’ve just released yet another simulation game for iOS. You may be familiar with their previous simulation titles like Game Dev Story and Mega Mall Story. Well, this time they’ve ported Venture Towns to iOS. Take the reins of a mega corporation and build your own metropolis in this action simulation game. There is no limit as you build stores, houses, mansions, and more to perfect your powerful new world. Your residents will live their lives in the way that you choose, working hard to earn a living and buy cars, houses, and even pets. It’s your job to create the perfect world, and all to your own design. We’ll have a review for you soon. But for now, Venture Towns is currently on sale (for a limited time) in the App Store for $2.99. Get it while it’s cheap! [gallery]

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