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Wolfram Alpha Includes Best Buy API: Now You Can Shop Better With Siri

Wolfram Alpha Includes Best Buy API: Now You Can Shop Better With Siri

December 16, 2011
We have all seen, and laughed at, the things Siri can do or say. Oh, and did we mention you can enter to win your very own Siri for Festivus? Now your favorite 4S secretary can help you do that last minute holiday shopping, too. Wolfram Alpha now uses Best Buy’s APIs, so when you search for products using Siri, you’ll get a detailed list. This can help you shop and check prices, as well as help you find product numbers and photos of the items on your list. It gives you a range of prices from Best Buy, rounded to the nearest dollar, and also a mid-range price. Wolfram Alpha gives an example in their official blog post:
    Type in a specific product name or model number—say, “Blackberry 38548-002”—and Wolfram|Alpha will highlight that product’s rank within the entire product category. From a glance at the plots below, you can see that this tablet falls pretty squarely in the middle of the pack with regard to price and generally on the low-end to average range for a variety of physical and performance attributes.
That was nice of Wolfram Alpha to use a Blackberry device as an example. I guess they knew that was the only time it would get searched for. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? What’s on your list? [gallery link="file"]

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