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AppGuide Updated: Time Lapse Photography Apps

AppGuide Updated: Time Lapse Photography Apps

January 23, 2012
Are you interested in time lapse photography or stop motion movies as an art form? Do you want to create beautiful films of clouds progressing overhead, a flower blooming, a claymation masterpiece, or real-object animation films? Or do you want to find out who’s been stealing your lunch every day, or find out what your dog is doing all day at home without you? Read on to learn about apps that easily allow you to reach these goals, lofty or otherwise. I have found some incredibly feature-laden yet bargain-priced apps in this area. You don’t have to be a talented filmmaker to produce really cool films. Yes, they are really just a bunch of still photos strung together to make a “movie”, and yet, the results can be downright stunning. Some of them create the movie for you right in the app, while others save as photos that you must string together yourself in a movie-editing app.  And yes, you really can use your iPhone as an effective security camera if you are so inclined. A tripod is not at all necessary to use any these apps, but it is helpful if you are serious about your art.

Time Lapse Photography Apps

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