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Apple Tweaks iTunes: Pop-Up Windows With Content Details Now In iTunes Store

Apple Tweaks iTunes: Pop-Up Windows With Content Details Now In iTunes Store

January 14, 2012
It seems Apple has added a neat feature to the iTunes store that allows you to view details about content in pop-up windows — quickly and easily. This makes it so much simpler to navigate the massive store, instead of having to click through multiple pages to find the information you need. You will notice a tiny info button in the bottom right corner of any iTunes store content once you hover it. For movies and TV shows, however, you will notice a play button instead that, when clicked, will give you a pop-up window with the preview of the media. This media preview ability has been around for a while already, whereas information and detail views, specifically in the App Store, are new. These features are not only available on featured store pages, but also in search results. Not only can you view all of the information for an item, but you can even access previews where available. I do wish you could move the pop-up window around, though, but it doesn’t seem like you can at the moment. We really love this feature. However, iTunes still needs a lot of work. I remember how thankful I was when they added the two finger swipe (back, forward) into iTunes. As soon as Lion was released, I was so used to doing it in Safari, I could barely function in other apps without it. Please take note that this is only available in iTunes when accessing it on a computer. [gallery]

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