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CES 2012: Cut The Rope Gets HTML5 Version

CES 2012: Cut The Rope Gets HTML5 Version

January 13, 2012

Om Nom seems to be everywhere these days. He’s in a series of successful Cut The Rope games. He has his own digital comic book and Facebook page. He was even spotted at CES, decked out in true arcade fashion.

Arcade Display At CES

The biggest Cut The Rope news of CES, was that everyone’s favorite candy-eating monster was headed to the Web. Microsoft, in partnership with ZeptoLab and Pixel Lab, have brought a port of the popular game to Web browsers which support HTML5. The game is available for play now at

Update: The official link has been taken down, but there seems to be a working version here. YMMV: (thanks to @floatingemily for the tip!)

It offers a select number of levels from the hit iOS version of the game, as well as a behind the scenes look at the game’s development. As reported by CNET, it is possible to unlock additional levels by pinning the site in Internet Explorer 9.

For those who have never played Cut The Rope on a phone or tablet, the HTML5 version of the game will be an enjoyable diversion. The game is inherently good enough to warrant that. Unfortunately, the experience of playing Cut The Rope on a Web browser pales significantly to the magical fun of playing it on an iPad. The controls using my computer’s trackpad were mostly responsive, but not intuitive. I had to retry a number of levels because I could not move the cursor to my target fast enough; this was never a problem on my iDevice.

As far as CES announcements go, this was an exciting one for Om Nom fans. The actual execution of the game, however, was somewhat disappointing.

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