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CES 2012: Ion Shreds The Convention World With Guitar Apprentice

CES 2012: Ion Shreds The Convention World With Guitar Apprentice

January 13, 2012
Ion brought the rock with them to this year’s CES by showing off what can only be described as the coolest looking iPad case, ever. Not only will you look like a rock star with the Guitar Apprentice, you can learn how to become one as well. The Guitar Apprentice looks like a full-scale electric guitar that transforms your iPad into a rocking instrument. The iPad itself sits in the body of the guitar using a fitted holder. When connected to the Guitar Apprentice app, the case becomes a learning instrument. There are no cords, no amplifiers, no pedals, just you and your iPad guitar.

The neck of the guitar is specially designed to look and feel like a real instrument, the six strings and 14 frets are actually individual buttons meant to simulate an actual guitar. The Guitar Apprentice app is more than just a fun toy. It is a learning tool for guitar beginners. With it, users can follow the lighted LEDs on the neck to learn the chord finger placement needed to shred like a pro. The app features built-in effects so users can alter the sound their iPad guitar makes. Effects include distortion, reverb, flanger, delay and more. It is also compatible with other music apps, such as GarageBand.

The case is less expensive than your average electric guitar at only $99. While it may seem like a frivolous purchase to some, there is no denying it looks cool. Who else do you know that has an iPad guitar? The Apprentice Guitar will be available in July from participating retailers. It can also be purchased from the company’s website.

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