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CES 2012: LaunchPort Mounts And Charges Your iPad Anywhere

CES 2012: LaunchPort Mounts And Charges Your iPad Anywhere

January 12, 2012

An iPad is a great device, but what would make it even better is a way to mount the thing anywhere in your house. Oh, and while we’re at it, the thing needs to charge, too. That’s exactly what the guys over at LaunchPort have done.

The LaunchPort System consists of two parts: the PowerShuttle and the Station.

The PowerShuttle is essentially just a sleeve-style case that will fit your iPad 2, and it comes in black or white. The Station is mount and charging unit that the PowerShuttle will interact with, and it comes in two varieties: BaseStation (for desktops and horizontal surfaces) and WallStation (for walls and other vertical surfaces).

So how does the charging work? The LaunchPort uses the method of induction, so that once a PowerShuttle case is mounted on a Station, the iPad will begin charging. That’s right, it will charge without the hassle of cables – we are living in the future!

The PowerShuttle case and BaseStation units are using magnets, which will make your iPad attach and stay in place. The BaseStation only makes use of a few magnets; this way, the unit is easier to move around. The WallStation, on the other hand, uses all of the magnets so that the mount is safe and secure.

Since the PowerShuttle case also has magnets, you can mount it on metal surfaces such as the refrigerator, if you decide to skip the station.

Having a complete LaunchPort System will not be cheap though, as a PowerShuttle case (in either black or white) will cost you $149, and either the BaseStation or WallStation run $199 each.

To see how the system works, just check out the video.

Are you interested in having a full mounting and wireless charging system for your home? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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