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CES 2012: New Games Roll Out For Robotic Sphero Toy

CES 2012: New Games Roll Out For Robotic Sphero Toy

January 13, 2012
A full year after showing off its popular Sphero device at CES 2011, Orbotix has finally started shipping the finished product. So far, the interactive, iPhone-controlled orb has been a hit with adults and children alike. And Orbotix has got the ball rolling again at this year's expo, too. Along with demos of the toy, five new games have been revealed on the show floor. The company's presser describes them:
Chromo - A game to challenge your coordination and your memory. Can you move Sphero to match the color on your screen? Space Fighter - Turn mixed-reality on its head by using your Sphero as the controller! Tilt it and turn it to steer through space on your phone while blasting targets and grabbing power-ups. Paddle - Sphero engineers re-imagine Pong, the game that started it all. Played through your phone’s camera, your device is a virtual paddle and Sphero is the ball. Slingshot - Fire Sphero at augmented reality targets with a virtual slingshot. Drag Racer - Race your Sphero like a top speed drag racer. Shift gears at the right moment to get ahead.
While only the first two titles were actually available to play, the spot-on control and evident responsiveness of the little round robot was a sight to behold. Check out our video: You can order your own Sphero now from the Orbotix website for just $129. As with all Sphero apps, the new ones will be available soon for free on the App Store.

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