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CES 2012: Scratch And Sniff Cases And Innovative New Charging Stands From XtremeMac!

CES 2012: Scratch And Sniff Cases And Innovative New Charging Stands From XtremeMac!

January 12, 2012
For those with multiple iDevices in their home, the charging area is usually a tangle of wires and chaos. Enter the XtremeMac InCharge series, a charging dock system that neatly allows multiple iDevices to be charged simultaneously in one unit.

XtremeMac InCharge Duo

The InCharge Duo Plus charges two iDevices, while the InCharge X3 and InCharge X5 charge three, and five iDevices at one time respectively. Each charging dock provides a generous 10 watts of power to expedite the charging process while the sleek design keeps the iDevices lined up neatly out of harms way. Estimated debut price for the X3 is $100 and the X5 will be $150, The Duo is sold on the XtremeMac web site for $59.00. The series is set to be available to the public in the first quarter of 2012 and, with the powerful ability to charge multiple iDevices, we think it will be a must-have for those with multiple iDevices. If you are more interested in using a charging stand for playing wonderful music XtremeMac has you covered with the new Tango TT. Featuring multi-directional speakers, the Tango TT produces beautiful, rich sound while still being visually pleasing. It is versatile as well, iDevices are able to be charged in either landscape or portrait mode. The viewing angle can also be adjusted.

The Tango TT is due to be released in the summer of 2012 and can be used with most portable music players. What if you like your music on the go? How about the Soma BT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Plus Battery Pack? This clever mobile speaker has an impressive six hour battery life to play your tunes anywhere. Is your iDevice almost out of juice? Just let the Soma charge it for you! The Soma also has a high powered mic to make hands-free calls. The speaker is just 2 inches with a passive radiator for quality sound output.

The Soma is due to be released in the second quarter of 2012. Other products that are being announced today are the 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable, a versatile single cable with three connectors that create a universal charging station for most mobile devices.

For back up batteries, the InCharge Boost and the InCharge Micro Boost will ensure you do not run out of charge while on the go.


InCharge Burst Backup Battery

The Micro Boost is 500 mAh and is estimated to sell for $25 and the Boost, at 2,300 mAh, will sell at $50. These three mobile charge devices will be available the first quarter of 2012.

XtremeMac also was exhibiting some of their upcoming prototypes. We have our own Robin Rhys basking in the scent of a strawberry scratch and sniff case. More scents are in the works.

Other fun protoypes include a great stand, tentatively named the "Flex Stand." Designed to allow for both landscape and portrait viewing, the Flex Stand is easy to use and transport.

Though we are not sure what name this great stand will be ultimately marketed with, we think it will be a great accessory.

That's it for the XtremeMac lineup. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!



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