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CES 2012: Toddy Cloth Announces New Spring Patterns

CES 2012: Toddy Cloth Announces New Spring Patterns

January 12, 2012
The iPhone and iPad are gorgeous pieces of kit, but man do they attract fingerprints! If you're OCD about that kind of thing, you probably already know what a Toddy Cloth is. But, for those uninitiated, here's what the company says about its little wonder rag:
It is a handcrafted, microfiber cloth that features an AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology to protect the cloth, and your favorite products, against microorganisms that contribute to mold and mildew.
And, since smartphones bear more filth than a typical public toilet flusher, keeping your screen clean can help keep disease and illness at bay. So, if a t-shirt's not good enough for you, a Toddy Cloth -- available at Target stores nationwide -- probably fits the bill. The Spring 2012 collection isn't yet available, but existing designs are currently being sold three-for-two at the company's online store.

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