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Fight Off Bad Cells With Good Bacteria In Mutagen

Fight Off Bad Cells With Good Bacteria In Mutagen

January 3, 2012
Mutagen by lodoss icon

Mutagen (Free) by lodoss is a fun new strategy game that requires you to do a tiny bit of math and a lot of attacking. Use your knowledge of percentages to kill off mutating bacteria and grow healthy cells.

Mutagen by lodoss screenshot

The game is simple to learn, but very challenging. The player controls good cells that are green and must attack and defend against bad cells that are red. You shoot good bacteria at the bad cells by drawing a line to connect the two. Players overpower the bad cells and turn them into good ones. The more good cells there are, the easier it is to defeat the bad ones.

Levels increase in difficulty by adding neutral cells and bad ones that are harder to kill. Each cell, red or green, has a number value that is associated with its strength. If there is one green cell with a value of 12 and one red cell with a value of 10, attacking the cell with all possible points will defeat it.

When bad cells attack, they turn green points red. If there are more red points than green ones, the cell turns bad. It quickly becomes harder to overpower the red cells and kill off bad bacteria.

The game is free, and does not include any ads. However, the free version only includes 15 levels. To unlock the remaining 30 levels, as well as additional bonus super-cells, you can purchase the full version for only $0.99 from within the app.

Overall, this free universal app is exciting and challenging. It is action packed and entertaining. Players will become addicted to the game and jump at the chance to unlock the additional 30 levels for only $0.99. Pick it up in the App Store today.

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