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Fireworks, Dragons Aplenty In Angry Birds Seasons

Fireworks, Dragons Aplenty In Angry Birds Seasons

January 21, 2012
Looks like you just can’t keep an Angry Bird down. Everyone’s favorite perturbed avians are back for the Chinese New Year, celebrating the Year of the Dragon. The game makes use of the wide variety of birds, including the orange bird and the big red bird. We saw a Chinese New Year episode last year in the Moon Festival update. Year of the Dragon looks similar with its level setups. What sets this episode of Seasons apart from the other one is the addition of fireworks. What Chinese New Year would be complete without them? The fireworks will whistle as they spin away in curlicues, until they finally explode into a burst of colorful sparks. Setting them off is a little touchy (they need more of a direct hit, rather than getting knocked around), but it’s like a little black bomb bird for free when they do fire. Even the Mighty Eagle becomes the Mighty Dragon to fit the occasion. Even better yet, it’s free for this episode! So make use of him while you can (provided you wait the requisite hour between uses). My only complaint regarding this episode is the appearance of the red hanging lanterns in the background. At first they looked like part of the actual level, until I realized this wasn’t so. Even knowing they won’t affect anything doesn’t mean they still aren’t a distraction. For those who don’t have Seasons, I would highly recommend jumping in to see the fireworks in action. The lite version is still on Easter.

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