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Guide A Colony Of Ants To Their Next Destination With Ants Free

Guide A Colony Of Ants To Their Next Destination With Ants Free

January 9, 2012
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Ants. Free (Free) by SteelSeed is a sweet little universal strategy game for the young at heart. The action may be slow, but the challenges are tough and the yummy images will bring you back to the table over and over. You may even feel the need to bake a cake while playing.

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Players must find a way to get the and colony from point A to point B by climbing over obstacles, digging tunnels and warning each other not to fall off a cliff. There are seven different instructions that players must give to the roaming ants in order to get them to the goal. For example, if there is a tall piece of cake that needs to be climbed, players must tap the instruction for building a staircase. If the only way down is by digging a hole in the ground, an ant must be instructed to dig that hole in just the right place so as not to send his hard-working buddies off too steep of a drop.

The first seven levels of the game only allow for one instruction at a time, but after that, multiple instructions must be given to ants in order to keep them from getting stuck or dying. For example, one ant may be instructed to stop his friends from falling off a cliff while another is commanded to dig a tunnel. Things can get really complicated in no time at all.

While the game is cute and seems like it is geared toward the young ones, it is very challenging and will have even the most seasoned of strategy game players breaking a sweat.

Overall, this free, universal strategy game is a diamond in the rough when it comes to free games. It is hard to believe something that's so much fun doesn’t cost anything. There are no ad banners and there are 25 levels to play. The only cost would be a $0.99 in-app purchase if you want to unlock all the levels, but where is the fun in that?

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