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Is Apple Poised To Take Over Android's Market Share?

Is Apple Poised To Take Over Android's Market Share?

January 12, 2012
In a new study released by the NPD Group (a leading market research company), the arrival of the iPhone 4S boosted overall iOS sales in the United States from 26 percent to a whopping 43 percent.

This brings iOS just five points shy of taking the number one position, currently held by the Android operating system at 47 percent. While Android is still in the lead, this margin could get even closer with the inclusion of holiday sales. TechCrunch reported that, on Christmas day alone, 6.8 million iOS and Android devices were activated. The percentages for each were not determined, but with sales this big numbers are bound to change.


  Looking back, in January 2011 Android took the lead in sales, ousting the former leader Research in Motion (RIM), maker of the BlackBerry. BlackBerry sales continued to decline to a mere 11 percent. Between January and October of 2011 Android boasted over half of the U.S. market for smartphones at 53 percent. What do you think? Will iOS finally overtake Android's market share?  

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