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Jailbreak Only: Use CommandSpot To Improve Spotlight Search On Your iDevice

Jailbreak Only: Use CommandSpot To Improve Spotlight Search On Your iDevice

January 16, 2012
CommandSpot is a new jailbreak tweak that enhances the Spotlight search functionality on your iDevice. Once downloaded, this tweak will allow users to type commands into Spotlight, which will then perform actions or launch apps. As RedmondPie outlined, some of CommandSpot's commands include:
  • Respring – automatically resprings the device Springboard.
  • Reboot – automatically reboots the device.
  • Turn off – powers down the device.
  • Settings – launches the settings application.
  • Wifi – launches the wireless internet settings.
  • Sms – launch and compose a new SMS.
  • Google – launch Safari and load Google hompeage.
  • Yahoo – launch Safari and load Yahoo.
  • CNN – launch Safari and load CNN.
  • Bing – launch Safari and load Bing.
  • Fb – launch the official Facebook application.
  • FB profile – Launch Facebook application directly to your profile page.
  • Tw – launch official Twitter application.
  • Tw [user] – launch Twitter application and display a specific users profile.
This tweak is similar to SBSettings (a tweak that provides a drop down menu with toggles for different settings), but gives the added functionality of launching apps. Personally, I feel like there are much quicker ways to go about doing what CommandSpot offers, but to each his own. CommandSpot is currently free to download from the Modmyi repository on Cydia. Be sure to let us know, in the comments, if you try it out.

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