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Keep Track Of What Matters With The BiKN Locator For iPhone

Keep Track Of What Matters With The BiKN Locator For iPhone

January 11, 2012
Losing your keys, wallet, and other items of importance may be a thing of the past with the BiKN locator for iPhone. Launching this month, the BiKN locator uses a special RF-enabled iPhone 4/4S case combined with the myBiKN: The New Lost & Found app to pair your iPhone with up to 256 RF-tagged items (which you tag yourself) in your home or office. Essentially, once the case, app, and tags are running and paired with each other, they will be on their own wireless network, using 802.15.4 protocols. Then, you can "find, leash, and page" the tagged items/people/animals you have tagged with a range of a few hundred feet. The creators of myBiKN noted:
  • Create a wireless network for your stuff with both visual and audio cues
  • If you can’t find your iPhone, the tag on your key chain can help you find it
  • Create an alarm so your iPhone alerts you when what you've tagged wanders off. Want your child to stay close? Clip a BiKN tag on his belt and your iPhone will let you know when he reaches the limit you've set
  • Page your BiKN tags – if you are in a mall with no cell service, a tap will tell multiple tags, “It’s time to go!”
  To start, the BiKN locator system will cost you $100-$120, depending on different bundles, with extra tags costing $50 for a two pack. Do you think the BiKN's price is too steep for helping you find things you shouldn't be losing in the first place? Is the fact that you need a special case just to use this app a deal breaker? Be sure to let us know in the comments! (via TheVerge)

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