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Kungl Tripod Adapter Connects Your iPhone To A Tripod

Kungl Tripod Adapter Connects Your iPhone To A Tripod

January 28, 2012
I’ve been writing about apps that benefit from use of a tripod recently, such as GroupShot and Average Camera Pro. As it happens, the Kungl Tripod Adapter came across my desk, and I thought some of our users might be interested in such a product. Most regular cameras have what is called a tripod mount on the bottom. It’s essentially a threaded hole. Tripods that photographers use have a standard 1/4 inch screw, which allows you to attach virtually any camera to any tripod. Cell phones, the iPhone in particular, have recently become extremely popular for upscale photography, but of course they lack the tripod mount. If you want to use a tripod for your iPhoneography, you’ll have to purchase a special tripod or some kind of adapter than allows you to use a regular tripod. The Kungl Tripod Adapter is essentially a hard plastic bumper case with a 1/4 inch tripod mount embedded into it.  It will not act as a stand-alone tripod, rather, it’s an adapter for people who want to use a regular photography tripod. Simply slide your iPhone 4/4S into the Kungl and you’re ready to go. Thread it on the tripod of your choice. You can keep the Kungl case on your phone when you’re not using it for photography; it’s nearly as compact as the Apple bumper. If you like to keep a decal skin on your iPhone, that will work fine with the Kungl. So, if you’re an avid iPhoneographer who owns (or plans to buy) a tripod already and you’re looking for a compact tripod adapter for your iPhone, check out the Kungl Tripod Adapter. It's available on their website, or Amazon for about $20. [gallery link="file"]

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