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Launch Center Update Adds The Ability To Schedule Actions And Tasks

Launch Center Update Adds The Ability To Schedule Actions And Tasks

January 26, 2012
Last month, we reviewed Launch Center and we loved the idea of an all-in-one app launching dashboard. Launch Center allows the creation of shortcuts for specific apps, calls, messages, tweets, and it even has a handy flashlight built in. In a way, it’s kind of a glorified folder, sans the ugly folder icon, letting you launch multiple apps and tasks from just one. If Launch Center wasn’t home screen material before, it definitely is now. Version 1.1 of this app was released, giving users the ability to schedule actions and events. For example, if you have to remember to email one of your employees everyday, Launch Center will allow you to schedule a notification for this purpose. Just set up the the new task — in this case, email to your employee — and swipe over to the schedule section to set a day and time. This can be used for one time notifications, or recurring ones. It will then, at the specified time, open up the and have you all set to bug your employee about his or her TPS reports. As if the app wasn’t amazing to begin with; now it has an even bigger appeal. Think of it as an iPhone version of Automator for Mac. Pretty neat, huh? Now you have to remember even less as Launch Center will remind you of most anything. Have you been using Launch Center? What tasks are you going to schedule? Let’s hear about your great ideas for scheduled shortcuts. Launch Center is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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