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Macworld 2012: TourWrist Makes It Easy To Share 360 Degree Panoramas

Macworld 2012: TourWrist Makes It Easy To Share 360 Degree Panoramas

January 28, 2012
TourWrist is a universal app that allows you to travel the world, virtually. View points of interest, real estate, nature, and much more, in full 360 glory. Simply choose a tour, and then hold your device up and turn in a 360 degree circle, moving your device up and down and all around to see every inch. TourWrist has just announced that users can now easily shoot and share 360 degree panoramas from their iDevices. CEO Charles Armstrong had this to say:
“Until recently, creating virtual tours required thousands of dollars in camera gear and software, plus hosting–not to mention an expertise in using it all,” said TourWrist CEO & Founder Charles Armstrong. “Now, millions of iPhone users worldwide can easily shoot and share immersive 360-degree panos – for free with the TourWrist app.

Plus, many developers worldwide are already integrating the free Publish to TourWrist API into their 360-degree photography apps, image stitching software and camera gear,” said Armstrong.

“At least three products will feature an easy Publish to TourWrist button by March 1st.

By empowering consumers to shoot and share places and memorable moments from their choice of apps, programs, and cameras, TourWrist will continue to be the new ‘go to’ critical mass repository for geo-searching, viewing and sharing panos – just as YouTube is for video,” said Armstrong.

“Developers and manufacturers can now focus on their core competencies, including image capture, stitching, and processing and leverage the TourWrist pano viewing & sharing experience.”

You can download the universal TourWrist app for free.
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