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Macworld 2012: VIPorbit For iOS Lets You Manage Interactions, Not Just Contacts

Macworld 2012: VIPorbit For iOS Lets You Manage Interactions, Not Just Contacts

January 29, 2012
VIPorbit is a feature rich contact manager for iOS that helps users manage and build their social network. VIPorbit integrates contacts with your calendar, giving you instant access to contact details, scheduling, and quick communication. VIPorbit logs your social activity automatically, providing a complete relationship history for each contact. The app is designed more for professionals — entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople, realtors, and consultants — though it can be easily customized for any type of individual. This year at Macworld, we were introduced to the updated version of VIPorbit for iPhone and the release of the iPad version, which is on the horizon and will be in the App Store any day now. VIPorbit for iPhone 2.0 includes these new features:
  • An updated user interface with an easy-to-use Contact Dashboard that allows users to quickly navigate within the contact record to make calls, send emails and texts, and post to social sites
  • Update any field for an entire Orbit
  • Message an entire Orbit or custom list via email or SMS
  • Use the Orbit icon to toggle between an alphabetical and user-defined Orbit list
  • Immediately schedule follow-up activities – a new prompt appears after completing an activity
  • A new Completed Activities Report displays completed activities for all contacts, an Orbit, or a custom list
  • Instantly look up contacts by country
  • Retrieve or reset your password automatically within the app Company Leadership
The new iPad version, which will be released soon, has some enhancements and extras:
  • Import iOS contacts, Google Contacts, Facebook friends, and Twitter and LinkedIn connections
  • Import calendar events from iCal and Google Calendar
  • View your and your contacts’ Facebook and Twitter social feeds
  • Customize 14 user-definable fields
  • Pin favorite contacts, Orbits, web pages and frequently used search criteria to the Dashboard for one-tap access
  • Schedule tasks that aren’t related to contacts
  • Message an Orbit via email or SMS
  • Schedule activities for an Orbit
  • Prioritize activities and schedule follow-up activities
  • View a weekly calendar
  • Generate reports in PDF format
  • Remove duplicate contacts
The best thing about VIPorbit is that, although it is a contact manager, it's much more than that. You can manage and track your interactions with those you know, and those you meet, across many social networks all in one place.  
  VIPorbit for iPhone is $9.99 and $19.99 for the iPad version. Both apps will be on sale until March 1, 2012. So, if you’re looking for a professional and feature-filled contact app, now is the time to grab VIPorbit for iPhone for $4.99 and VIPorbit for iPad for $14.99. Still wary? Try the lite, free versions first to see if they suit your needs. Either way, let us know in the comments if you use VIPorbit, and what you think of this contact and relationship manager. [gallery]

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