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Macworld 2012: Wake Your Potential, Not Your Partner

Macworld 2012: Wake Your Potential, Not Your Partner

January 28, 2012
We all know the health benefits of getting a good night's sleep. Yet most of us use an old-fashioned alarm clock to startle us, and anyone else in earshot, awake. Lark seeks to change this with the Lark Silent Alarm for iOS. Designed to be used with the companion Lark Up app, the Lark has a rechargeable wrist band that uses gentle vibration to wake the user in a more natural and relaxed way.

As a precaution, the Lark also has a gradual backup audio alarm in the app which will sound if the alarm is not shut off. This is designed to insure the wearer does not oversleep if the wrist band is removed.

However the Lark is more than just a simple alarm clock. Designed by professional sleep coaches, the Lark Up app uses the data from the sleep sensor to determine how well you slept. The application has an integrated seven day sleep assessment tool which learns your personal sleep type and suggests ways to improve your overall sleep quality. The wristband is wireless and charges during the day on the included stand which also doubles as an iPhone charger and dock at night.

If you really want to fine-tune your sleep for maximum effect you may wish to upgrade your Lark to the Lark Pro. This indefinitely extends the initial seven day sleep assessment and creates a personalized sleep training program. Included in the upgrade are daily reminders, suggestions and trackable sleep goals or targets, each customized to your personal sleep profile.


The Lark system is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod touch (fourth generation) and the iPad. The Lark Up app is free. However, the wrist sensor runs $99 for the basic model or $159 for the Lark Pro which includes the complete personal sleep coach. As an option Lark also offers an upgrade from the basic model to the Pro for $60, making it is possible to try out the seven day assessment before investing in the full version. While it might seem pricey to some, when compared to the cost of prescription sleep aids and the loss of productivity from poor sleep, the price might be well worth it.

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