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Play A Calming Game Of Match Three With Zen Lotus

Play A Calming Game Of Match Three With Zen Lotus

January 8, 2012
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Zen Lotus (Free) by Eric B is a universal match three game where three matches is not good enough. Don't worry, though. Everything is possible when you have Zen. Match two or match 10. There are no limitations.

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The board is made up of 36 tiles with comforting images of lotus flowers that can be matched in any direction. The tiles cannot be flipped or switched, but as long as two of the same tiles are next to each other in some fashion, including diagonally, they can be matched for points. For example, there can be a string of four pink flowers side by side and two more in the adjacent column, one row up and then three more above those and they can all be selected for a match just by dragging your finger in a line along each of the tiles.

There are two modes of play, Arcade mode and Zen mode. Zen mode is a great way to practice getting large quantities of matches, which is important because there are achievements to unlock that require matches of at least 10 tiles.

Arcade mode is timed and scored. Players start with two minutes on the clock and are given additional seconds for every match of four or more. The bigger the match string, the more time is given. Matching four or more will keep the game going indefinitely.

There are two "skins" to choose from, either light or dark. Both are pleasant and calming. The game is free with ad banners, but the advertisements are so small and unassuming that you won't even know they are there.

Overall, this universal game is calming and engaging. There are no hard rules and as long as there are at least four matches made at a time, the game can go on forever. Take a break from the chaos of traditional match three games and play Zen Lotus for free.

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