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Master Your Arsenal In Arma 2: Firing Range

Master Your Arsenal In Arma 2: Firing Range

January 21, 2012
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Arma 2: Firing Range (Free) by IDEA Games is a first person shooter that offers target training in different environments with a wide range of weapons to choose from.

Instead of eliminating enemies like in most shooting games, your goal is to hit the bullseyes on the human-shaped targets in front of you. The closer to the center the bullet lands, the higher the awarded score.

There are two game modes: Firing Range and Career. Firing Range allows you to customize the weapon you use and the rules of play. Career mode adheres to stricter requirements and features individual missions. Gameplay is similar in both, and involves shooting targets precisely while making every bullet count.

Arma 2: Firing Range by IDEA Games screenshot

You have the option of playing at four locations that vary in difficulty. The first, desert, is the only map included in the free version of the game and contains a single target. The other environments can be unlocked with a single $1.99 in-app purchase that gives you the full version of the game, which includes additional features like moving targets and civilians.

If you're a fan of shooters, then you'll likely be familiar with many of the 26 guns in Arma 2, such as the AK-74 and the Scorpion. Some guns have scopes, sights, and grips that can be attached to them in order to enhance performance. The free version only allows access to three weapons, and the remaining ones can be used only in the full version of the game.

The controls are easy to learn and you can aim and fire using two fingers. Every weapon has a paragraph describing its history and the graphics are more realistic than in most shooters.

Arma 2: Firing Range by IDEA Games screenshot

Unfortunately, I did not find the free version of Arma 2 to be enticing enough to fork over $1.99 for the full version. Every play-through is very much the same as the one before it, and the game lacks the intensity and speed that make first person shooters enjoyable to play.

If you're looking for a more slowly paced shooting game that isn't violent or very engaging, then Arma 2: Firing Range is worth a download for free.

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