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Be Motivated To Stick To Your Goals This Year With Commit, Plus A Chance To Win!

Be Motivated To Stick To Your Goals This Year With Commit, Plus A Chance To Win!

January 2, 2012
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Commit ($0.99) by Legend is a simple app that helps you accomplish your goals.

With the new year, you probably have some goals to attempt or habits to work on. The best way to do this is to do it every day. But how do you keep track of these in a simple and effective manner? Luckily, there’s an app for that.

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Commit is an easy and no-fuss way to keep track of your goals and habits. The interface for the app is also beautiful and slick, which makes it just that much better to use each and every day. What good is an app if it looks like crap and doesn’t offer you an incentive to continue to use it?

When you launch Commit, you will get a blank card that simply reads “I will ______ every day.” The blank is for you to fill out with your goal or habit, such as run, drink water, exercise, not smoke, etc. The bottom section of the card provides you with a time to be reminded at (you can choose to have no reminder as well), just in case you forget. Once you fill everything out, just tap on the large “commit” button, and it will be added.

You will navigate through the cards like the home screens on your phone. If you want to add a new commitment, swipe all the way to the right, and you will find the new card option.

If you commit to something and did it for that day, just go to the habit and answer the question “Did you ______ today?” with the big “Yes” button. When you do that, the Yes will be replaced with a green check mark instead. You will also see a bar at the bottom that will have thin orange blocks – these represent the days you actually committed. The app also informs you of how many days in a row you were able to keep up on the task.

Any commitment can be edited or deleted at any time. The options for this are found on each card beside the giant Yes button.

Commit by Legend screenshot

Once you commit to a task and have done it over 10 times (or more), you will probably have that feeling to keep it up for your own good. This app will definitely help you accomplish that and keep you motivated with your progress.

Those that really want to be serious to their goals and resolutions and really commit, then this app is a great way to do it. The dollar spent on this app can help you out in the long run.

GIVEAWAY: Luckily for one AppAdvice reader, I have a copy of Commit to give away! For your chance at winning a copy, just leave a comment on this post (with a valid email so that I may contact the winner) with what your goals for 2012 are. This giveaway will end on Wednesday, January 4, at 5 p.m. PST. Good luck!

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