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Destroy A Never Ending Stream Of Hellish Minions In Funny Hell

Destroy A Never Ending Stream Of Hellish Minions In Funny Hell

February 1, 2012
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Funny Hell ($2.99) by Bulkypix is a universal castle defense game where the Lord of Hell has called upon his henchmen to participate in fights to amuse him. His henchmen, who can’t die, will use all kinds of hilarious tactics to defeat each other over and over again.

It’s your job to take down enemy devils and destroy their fortresses, all while protecting your sacred devil’s food cake and stealing ice cream from your enemies. Along the way, you’ll encounter fireballs, flying pans, and more, as the other side tries to defeat you.

Funny Hell by Bulkypix screenshot

The game is set up as a typical castle defense, with your team on one side and the opposing team on the other. You will need to create minions (which are awfully cute for denizens of hell) in order to destroy your opponents before they destroy you. Your minions have different abilities, and some will be better for hand to hand combat while others excel at ranged combat.

You will need to determine the best minions to use in each situation, while also fulfilling the level goals. The level goals may consist of creating a certain number of each type of minion, defeating the enemy tower, or destroying a number of enemy units. Defeating enemies will reward you with additional gold, which is used to purchase your own units.

Your units are not intelligent, so you must carefully choose the order to use them. Ranged units will not naturally stay behind tanking units, and will charge into battle to be quickly destroyed if you’re not careful.

Funny Hell by Bulkypix screenshot

As far as gameplay goes, this is a standard castle defense game, and besides the theme, there isn’t a lot that is unique. Because of a lack of variety in minions and rather mundane objectives, this game quickly becomes repetitive.

The levels are short, and they aren’t too hard. In fact, I’d say they tend towards being a bit too easy. It is a bit more challenging to finish all of the objectives in each level before it ends.

There is no fast forward button, but the game is rarely slow enough to need it. There is one frustrating aspect involving repetitive air raids that destroy all of your minions, essentially restarting gameplay from the beginning. Those air raids also happen to induce considerable screen lag on both my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2.

In all, there are five different game areas with 10 levels each, so while there’s not a ton of gameplay, there’s a passable amount. Unfortunately, there are a lot of good defense games in the App Store, so unless there’s a fix of the mechanics and an update with better gameplay, I would take a pass on Funny Hell.

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