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Quirky App Of The Day: Fan Tattoos

Quirky App Of The Day: Fan Tattoos

January 20, 2012
Tattoos are a touchy subject. I'm not entirely sure about why, but they are. Some of them are awesome, and some of them are an abomination of nature. I've learned a few things about tattoos while following the website Ugliest Tattoos, and after seeing this app, I've added a few more items to the list. Fan Tattoos was a learning experience indeed.

The first thing I've learned about getting a tattoo is that if you plan on getting one with words in it, make sure your spelling is impeccable. I will be the first to admit that I make plenty of typos. I make no claim to typing superiority here. There's a difference though. My typing isn't permanently etched into my skin. I can deal with the permanence of cyberspace much more calmly than seeing my favorite quote butchered beyond recognition across my bicep. I would also advise against trusting your tattoo artist to correct your spelling mistake. I also learned that unless your tattoo artist is stellar beyond belief, and I've seen some that do fantastic work, don't go for face portraits. They tend to look demonic if they aren't done with careful and detailed skill. There's just something about mediocre shading that makes a cute baby look like they made a deal for their soul with the devil. Again, some tattoo artists are blessed with an eye from heaven for perfect replicas of loved ones or lost bets. Otherwise, it's a gamble most people shouldn't take. The last lesson is about the fleeting nature of popular items. Fan Tattoos has three categories of fashion lines that people worship by honoring them with a place on their skin. I've heard of people being such diehard fans that they get their favorite team tattooed on their arm or bottom. I've seen people so in love with someone that they tattoo their loved one's name on various body parts. I can even wrap my mind around people who tattoo their favorite brand of beer on themselves. Clothing lines boggle me though. I already think it's hilarious to watch sci-fi movies from a few years back and laugh about all the products in the futuristic world that no longer exist. Are people not concerned with similar things happening to their tattoos? Are they such fans of these particular clothing lines that they don't care if their clothes fall from fashion? I mean, I loved Oshkosh as a kid. I don't have a tattoo of them now. I'm genuinely amazed about the dedication it would take to get Banana Republic tattooed on my thigh. All joking aside, Fan Tattoos is an app dedicated to the three clothing lines: Lace Up, Young & Reckless, and Johnny Cupcakes. I'm just a fan of Johnny Cupcake's pastry and cross bones logo. It won't be appearing across my neck any time soon, but it's cool. Fans can submit their tattoos to the site, read about the origins of these clothing lines and even get contact information for each brand through the app. The tattoos are then posted to the app. There, the tattoos remain forever. Much like the ink on their forearms and knuckles. Fan Tattoos is an iPhone app available for download in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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