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Rescue Lost Puppies With Fluff Friends Rescue

Rescue Lost Puppies With Fluff Friends Rescue

January 4, 2012
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Fluff Friends Rescue ™ (Free) by SGN is a universal time management “plate spinning” game similar to the time management apps Diner Dash and Cake Mania. This adorable version is not food related at all, but pet related. Rescue lost puppies and kittens, fix their boo-boos and put them up for adoption.

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Players start by building a pet vet and then rescuing a lost puppy nearby. Once he is all healed, he will need to be placed in a playpen. He will then be ready to be adopted. Each rescue and adoption will earn coins that can be used to rescue new pets and add to the business.

In order to rescue animals or build anything, players must have enough coins or dollars to pay for it. Coins are earned regularly by completing the given tasks or having pets adopted. Dollars are earned less frequently, but for leveling up or completing certain tasks, you will earn paper money. Like other games in the genre, coins and dollars can be bought through in-app purchases and they quickly become necessary to play this game.

As you progress through the game levels, the cost to rescue animals becomes higher. There may be times when every lost puppy or kitten will have a dollar or coin cost that is beyond what is earned just by playing the game. Use money sparingly if you don’t want to be stuck paying real cash for anything.

Although paying real cash for in-game money is annoying, the adorable nature of the game will hook players in. It is not impossible to play without in-app purchases, it is just harder to budget.

Playing with the fourth generation iPod touch, there is a major glitch that causes this game to crash so often that it becomes unbearable. The crash, which happens about every 30 seconds, will cause the game to back up in time so that new adoptions will be canceled, or animals that were just fed will need attention again. If you play games with the fourth generation iPod touch, I highly recommend waiting for an update to fix the crash. I also played this game on my iPhone 3GS with no crashes, so the problem is specific to the newest iPod.

Overall, this universal time management game is fun and very charming. Be careful though. You may find yourself spending all your cash on in-app purchases. If you play on the fourth generation iPod touch, be warned that the game crashes constantly. Pick it up for free in the App Store.

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