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Smartphones, Tablets, And Apps - The Greatest Gifts Of All This Holiday Season

Smartphones, Tablets, And Apps - The Greatest Gifts Of All This Holiday Season

January 3, 2012
Flurry Analytics, an industry-leading number cruncher, has put together a recent writeup about how well mobile device activations and app downloads fared over the 2011 holidays. The results are nothing short of amazing, and, unsurprisingly, both categories peaked on Christmas Day. Using the month of December's daily averages from the first through the twentieth, the Flurry found that, on the twenty-fifth,
activations jumped to more than 6.8 million, a 353% increase over the baseline. Compared to Christmas Day 2010, the previous single-day record, with 2.8 million device activations, Christmas 2011 grew by more than 140%.
Then, assuming more activations would lead to more app downloads, the firm ran those numbers, too. The increase was impressive, capping at roughly 125 percent of the month's average. Still, that's quite a bit lower than the 353 percent increase established by the activations above, so what gives? Flurry reminds us (emphasis added):
This is because of the sizable device installed base in the market onto which apps are constantly downloaded. This keeps the baseline higher vis a vis the Christmas peak. However, it’s also worth noting that nearly a quarter of a billion downloads occurred on Christmas Day 2011, which is more than double any other day in the history of iOS and Android devices, except December 24, which delivered roughly 150 million downloads.
As a final note, the folks at Flurry point out that, while Google's platform is coming on strong, it's still got a lot of catching up to do. Yes, Android's App Marketplace is expected to have finally eclipsed 10 billion downloads to date. You know, roughly the number of apps Apple served this past year. [Lead image:]

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